Casey McDonnell, Registered Nurse

Casey McDonnell


Casey is a registered nurse who works at Braaten Health's Clinton Occupational Health Clinic. She has eight years of experience in nursing and her professional background includes Occupational Health Clinic, Long Term Care, Family Practice Clinic, and Hospital Acute Care Nursing. Her interest in this field developed after she became a Certified Nursing Assistant at the local hospital in 2000.


Casey holds a degree and several certificates:


  • Eastern Iowa Community College, Associates of Nursing, 2003
  • Certified Breath Alcohol Technician
  • Certified DOT Specimen Collection
  • Certified Medtox Diagnostic Collection and Testing
  • Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist, COHC


She earned her Associates in Nursing degree in 2003, after passing the Iowa state board exam.



When not caring for patients at Braaten Health, she can be found:
  •  spending time with her husband & son
  •  reading, and
  •  scrapbooking.