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Please read Carefully before Signing This Form
  1. All information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions of any kind may result in denial of employment or be cause for subsequent dismissal if I am hired.
  2. I authorize the company to investigate my responses on this application and contact any or all of my former employers or any individuals familiar with me or my employment background for the purpose of verifying any information I have provided and/or for the purpose of obtaining any information, whether favorable or unfavorable, about me or my employment. I voluntarily and knowingly fully release and hold harmless any person or organization that provides information pertaining to me or my employment.
  3. I understand that upon receiving a job offer, a physical examination and drug screening may be required. (Note: If this is a job requirement, you will be notified.)
  4. Regardless of whether or not I become employed by the company, I recognize that this application is not and should not be considered a contract of employment. I understand that employment at the company is on an at-will basis and that my employment may be terminated with out without cause, and without notice, at any time, at my option or the company´┐Żs, unless specifically provided otherwise in a written employment contract. I further understand that no company employee or representative has the authority to enter into a contract regarding duration or terms and conditions of employment other than an officer or official of the company, and then only by means of a signed, written document.