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Doctors' Libraries 

From time to time our physicians create documents and presentations that can be beneficial to our clients, patients, and staff. They have generously  allowed their material to be listed here for your reading and reference purposes. Please be respectful of their rights to the material and request permission prior to reproducing the material as a whole.

From Dr. Camilla Frederick

Quality Presentation Materials

Our staff and associates are available for presentation of material for your business and education needs.Here you will find listings of available presentations, material recently presented, and a link to request a topic of material to be presented for your business or education needs. Click here to request a presentation topic for your desired date and time.

Resources For our Patients & Staff

Often a person finds themselves wondering what their diagnosis is all about, or how to avoid certain diagnosis. We are compiling a collection of material to provide answers to questions that you may not have even known you have.

American Association of Cardiovascular
and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
American Speech-Language-Hearing
American Society of
Hand Therapy
Certified Hand Therapist

Medical & Therapy Professional Web Links

We offer you to share in our collection of links frequently visited by our staff to obtain references, certification in their fields and material to practice within their specialties. Coming Soon!

Occupational Specific Links

In our business there are many critical paths to stay abreast of, we have compiled a list of those we frequent and those we felt may be quality references specific to occupational health.

Visit our Collection of Continuing Education Sites

With the many specialties that combine to create occupational health it seems we are constantly renewing some form of credentials. Here is a list we are compiling of creditable sites to obtain continuing eduction credits with.

Nursing Therapy
Continuing Education/CEU
Rehab Edge
American Association of Occupational Nursing
Edlantis Seminars